Membership info

Please make yourself an user in application and we will contact you! 

Register to training by marking “IN” on a training event in application.

If you find out you can’t attend the training then please un-register yourself ASAP. 

Payment options:

Cash, Bank transfer or through (

Many firms compensate training expenses for their workers. 

You can also add credit to your stebby account and download a bill after for the training compensation application. 

Soccer Social Club


Explanation: training date/month/3months

Membership types


Single training

To be paid before the training in cash or to our bank account:


1 training per week

Let us know which is your favourite training. Players with 1 training per week membership get their favourite training invites first!

With this packet, you can train with us 5 times per month.

Extra training is 7.- Eur.

2+ training per week

Choose two favourite trainings. Members with 2+ training per week membership get their favourite training invites first!

If there are free spots left then you can attend all other OPEN training for free (invitations 1-2 days before). So far everyone has had a chance to go to training 4 to 5 times a week.

More info:

*A fine 5.- Eur has to be paid if these two statements are true (For all membership types and even if this is your 1st training):

1) OPEN training event reached full capacity and a player did not show up. That Player took away a training spot that could have been used by another player.

2) The same player did not un-register himself 90 minutes before the training.


*If you want to cancel your membership let us know 30 days before! (Inform us

If a player wants to end his membership and lets us know by 15.06 then membership will be ended by 15.07 (50% of the fee has to be paid for the last month). 

*You can apply for a discount if you are injured for more than 15 days.

*Players who want to play in our competitive teams have to attend regularly and buy 2+ training membership.

*If you want to resume your MEMBERSHIP then a fee of 10.- Euros will be applied.

*All training invites for the next week are sent on Saturday/Sunday. 

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